A Future Investment


Unlike traditional electric power, solar photovoltaic (PV) power comes with a high initial investment and reduced monthly charges thereafter. This means that buying a PV system is an investment in the future.


A number of factors will determine your eventual costs and savings, from the future price of electricity to how long your system operates. Connecticut residents pay an average of 20 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity from utilities. Combining the Connecticut rebate and net metering with federal tax incentives and tax-deductible low-interest financing could mean cost savings over the life of your PV system, especially if electricity prices keep climbing. Consult a tax advisor regarding potential tax savings.


Why Go Solar?

Solar PV systems:

  • are reliable, pollution-free, and use a renewable source of energy.
  • help preserve the Earth's finite fossil fuel resources and reduce air pollution.
  • allow owners to add an energy-producing improvement to their property and over time to recover the cost of the system through reduced electric bills.
  • make owners less vulnerable to future increases in the price of electricity.