Community Innovations Grants Examples


  Fairfield – Provided a grant of $662 to Sharon Pistilli, a local resident turned environmental activist, who purchased packages of compact fluorescent light bulbs that were given to new customers as an incentive to enroll in the CTCleanEnergyOptions program. Through appearances at local events and meetings, she secured more than 100 sign-ups in just over three months.
  Portland – Provided a grant to Portland Boy Scout Troop 2. The Scouts sought to enroll Portland residents in the CTCleanEnergyOptions program at two popular local events, the Brownstone Quarry Festival and the Portland Fair. Each new customer received a compact fluorescent light bulb while the Scouts received $10 per customer (total of $550), which they put toward an emergency communication system. The task force also created a 20-minute DVD on clean energy.
  Norfolk – Provided a grant of $2,000 to the Botelle Elementary School for “Exploring Clean Energy Through Art” project. The project was targeted at school children aged 6-12 and included curriculum research, teaching of mini lessons and creation of two dimensional art and sculpture that is altered, enhanced or put into motion by the sun or wind. The finished projects were exhibited at the local library in April 2007. (see picture below)

Hamden – Provided a grant of $1,000 to the Hamden Public Library to purchase materials in a variety of formats (including books, DVDs and government pamphlets) for both adults and children. These materials were displayed along with existing materials at Miller Library and the two branches along with clean energy sign-up sheets.

Mansfield – Provided a grant of $1,700 to the E.O.Smith High School Cool It Team. The team’s project included a plan to obtain clean energy sign-ups from the Board of Education and residents of Mansfield, Willington and Ashford and educate students and the community about global warming. The team used a portion of the money for design and production of t-shirts promoting clean energy, honoraria for a teach-in and supplies including videotape and DVDs.

Middletown – Provided a grant of $1,500 to the Clean Energy Task Force to create a clean energy brochure to be used in Middletown to enhance sign-ups for the CTCleanEnergyOptions program. The colorful, professionally designed brochures feature a message from Mayor Sebastian Giuliano and an opportunity to split the rebate provided by the town’s chosen clean energy supplier with a charity of one’s choice. The task force also created a three minute clean energy “infomercial” for local cable TV.