Clean Energy Community Resources 

Whether you are a municipal government, business, institution or household, we strongly recommend that you develop a comprehensive strategy that includes energy conservation, efficiency and renewables.  A strategy will help to reduce the amount of energy used from conventional sources, lower harmful emissions, and save money - giving you the option to reinvest in clean and efficient energy measures.  Below is a list of useful resources that offer tips on how to achieve your clean energy strategy.


ARRA     Energy: Conservation, Efficiency and Renewables     Climate Change     Transportation     Food     Recycling     Land     Water


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009


DOE Guidance Documents - Link to documents regarding major issues related to administering the EEC block grant program (NEPA, DBA, Revolving Loan funding limits, DOE contractor approval of subgrants and loans)

DOE to Fund up to $454 Million for Retrofit Ramp-Ups in Energy Efficiency
- Projects Seek to Make Efficiency Accessible to Every Business and Homeowner


Recovery Act Announcement - DOE Announces up to $22 million for Community Renewable Energy Deployment


State and Local Guide to U.S. EPA Climate and Energy Program Resources  - Information from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009


OPM - Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants - Information for CT municipalities on direct grants, direct formula grants, and supplemental regional "bonus pool" program


Rapid Deployment Energy Efficiency (RDEE) Toolkit - the planning guide to help states, local governments, and other program administrators design and implement effective programs


Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grants (EECBG) - information on the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant program for which your town can be eligible.


  For further information about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, please visit the 
Economic Stimulus page on our website.

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Energy:  Conservation, Efficiency and Renewables


CT Energy Info - comprehensive information site to help Connecticut consumers navigate energy-related resources


Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) - compendium of state, local, utility and federal incentives that promote renewable and energy efficiency


LEED Core Concepts & Strategies WorkshopJanuary 29,  2010, Southern Connecticut State University 


US EPA's Best Practices Guidebook - a new guidebook to promote state leadership with clean energy


US EPA's Guide to Purchasing Green Power – guide to purchasing green power


US EPA Green Power Partnership - voluntary program to support the organizational procurement of clean energy


US EPA Green Power Communities - voluntary program in which local governments, businesses and residents collectively buy green power in amounts that meet or exceed prescribed percentages.  Note:  By becoming a Green Power Community, you can earn bonus clean energy rewards through the CT Clean Energy Communities Program.


US EPA Community Energy Challenge - promotes energy efficiency and renewables in New England cities and towns.  Note: this challenge is now a requirement for CT Clean Energy Communities and Community Innovations Grant programs


US EPA/US DOE Energy Star  - joint program helping us all to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices


Green-E - the nation's leading independant consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and carbon offsets in the retail market


Rural Energy for America Project  - Availability of funding for the 2009 program year for the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). The Department is now accepting REAP applications for grants and loan guarantees for renewable energy and energy efficiency systems, and also is including funding for feasibility studies. The deadline for applying for REAP funding is July 31. This year $60 million is available for projects.


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Climate Change


Connecticut Climate Change  – the official Connecticut state climate change website


US EPA - Comprehensive information on the issue of climate change in a way that is accessible and meaningful to all parts of society – communities, individuals, business, states and localities, and governments.


Climate Showcase Communities Grant Program - Sign up to receive a notification when federal funding becomes available for climate mitigation, outreach and education.


US EPA Climate Leaders - industry-government partnership that works with companies to develop comprehensive climate change strategies


US Mayors Climate Protection Center  - Guidelines and information to assist Mayors across the country with what they need to lead their cities’ efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are linked to climate change.


 ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability: programs and tools


Clean Air – Cool Planet  - Community Solutions to Global Warming


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As with your energy choices, there are many opportunities to reduce the harmful emissions associated with transportation and save money. The Connecticut Department of Transportation and other organizations offer a wide range of programs that can reduce vehicle miles traveled, traffic congestion and pollution.


Connecticut Commuter Rail / Metro-North RailroadProvides service 7 days a week on the New Haven Main Line and New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury Branch Lines, and Shore Line East, which provides weekday service between New Haven and New London


Bus Services – CT Transit  - Provides local and express bus services in 8 divisions throughout the state while various public bus operations serve other transit districts


Express Bus Service


Paratransit / ADA Bus Services


Easy Street – Van-pool to work


NuRide – On-line ridesharing service


Telecommute Connecticut – A statewide initiative that provides telecommuting as a worksite alternative


Commuter Tax Benefit – An incentive to pay a portion of commuting costs with pre-tax dollars


Park & Ride - A guide to Park & Ride locations throughout the state.


Central Connecticut Bicycling Alliance


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 Agriculture and food production make a massive contribution to global warming including methane in meat production, nitrogen fertilizers, processing and transportation.  By supporting locally grown and organic food, you can help our state's economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Connecticut Grown Program


BuyCTGrown – a website developed by City Seed that helps you find local grown food and farm products in Connecticut  


Farmers’ Markets


Farm to School Program


Farm to Chef Program


Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut – a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of local sustainable agriculture.


Sustainable Table


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DEP Recycling - overview of recycling in Connecticut


CT Resources & Recover Authority  - comprehensive resource page on how to reduce, reuse and recycle in Connecticut


US EPA - Federal home page on resource conservation



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DEP Landscape Stewardship 


Center for Land Use Education & Research


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DEP: Water - CT Department of Environmental Protection's site for water information and resources


NEMO - A University of CT program linking land use to water quality


Water Resources of the United States


Software for Environmental Awareness (SEAHOME) -  US EPA's software on residential water conservation techniques 



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