In order to qualify for renewable energy rewards, your city or town must meet the lesser of:

  • 100 points in a community;
  • 100 points in a regional school district (RSD)any town within the RSD that commits to the Energy Efficiency and Municipal Clean Energy Pledge and makes a minimum clean, renewable energy purchase may pool its points with another town or towns in the same RSD.), or
  • Points equal to 10% of the households in a community (this track available to towns with less than 1,000 households).


How do the points count?

  • Each sign-up to CTCleanEnergyOptions within the community counts as 1 point regardless of whether it is a 50% or 100% customer (includes Community Energy, 3 Degrees and Sterling Planet signups);
  • Each 100 MWh of clean energy purchased by a local commercial and industrial customer through the CTCleanEnergyOptions program counts as 10 points;
  • Each clean energy system within the community funded by CEFIA (excluding systems earned through this program); all documentable, self-funded Class I renewable energy systems; all documentable, self-funded Solar Hot Water and Geothermal installed during 2010 or after count as 3 points (note - communities with fewer than 1,000 households shall earn 3 points multiplied by the number of households divided by 1,000 for each local clean energy system); and
  • Each Green-e certified REC purchase by a C&I customer (excluding municipalities) counts as follows:
    • 0-10 GWh = 1 point for each 20 MWh purchased (e.g., 20 MWh = 1 point, 100 MWh = 5 points, 1,000 MWh = 50 points, etc.); and
    • > 10 GWh = 500 points plus 1 point for each 200 MWh purchased above 10 GWh (e.g., a 30 GWh purchase earns 600 points)



How can I sign up for clean energy?

It’s easy!  Any customer of CL&P or UI can sign up for CTCleanEnergyOptions in any of the various ways:

  • Complete an enrollment form provided by your local task force or the clean energy suppliers (i.e., Community Energy or 3 Degrees); or
  • Sign-up on-line at  
  • Fill out the insert that is sent periodically with your electric bill;
  • Download and complete this CTCleanEnergyOptions Signup Form provided by CEFIA



How can I learn more about installing a renewable energy system?

CEFIA offers incentives for residential customers to install solar PV systems. In addition, CEFIA offers incentives for residential and commercial customers to install solar hot water systems.


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