Make the Municipal Clean, Renewable Energy Pledge!

The Municipal Clean, Renewable Energy Pledge is a challenge to cities and towns to obtain at least 20 percent of the electricity for all municipal facilities from clean renewable energy sources by the year 2018. Under the new program, a city or town is only required to complete a single pledge containing municipal commitments to both energy efficiency and renewable energy. Click here to download the Clean Energy Communities Municipal Pledge Form. The completed pledge should be submitted to, which will be forwarded to all program administrators.

In order to qualify as a Clean Energy Community, a municipality must make a voluntary clean energy purchase of at least 15% in Fiscal Year (FY) 2013, 16% in FY 2014, 17% in FY 2015, 18% in FY 2016, 19% in FY 2017 and 20% in FY 2018 (the voluntary purchase requirement is in addition to the mandatory clean energy requirement under the Renewable Portfolio Standard or "RPS"). Through the Municipal Renewable Energy Pledge, your town will help to prove to all Connecticut citizens – and to the nation – that we have the power to make a difference.


How to get started! 

  1. Determine the total annual electricity usage in kilowatt-hours for all municipal facilities including schools and street lights. (You may use most recent Fiscal Year, Calendar Year or other recent 12-month total)
  1. Multiply total annual usage by percentage requirement.
  1. Choose from the following options (or any combination thereof):
    1. CTCleanEnergyOptionssm program. We recommend that you call both of the independent companies that have been selected for this program: Community Energy and 3 Degrees. You should schedule a presentation by the representatives of those companies and ask about their incentive plans for municipalities
    2. Purchase “Green-e certified” Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from a clean energy supplier, such as Community Energy or 3 Degrees. You have the flexibility to choose the quantity, technology, location and price for your desired product.  For more information on purchasing clean energy, click here.
    3. Install a clean energy system at a municipal facility. The RECs must be quantifiable and not held by a third party (i.e. retired). You are allowed to count the RECs associated with systems earned through this program (provided such RECs are retained and not sold).




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