About the Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program

The Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program is a Connecticut Clean Energy Fund program that provides Connecticut communities an opportunity to support clean renewable energy and earn free clean energy systems.

1.  Commit to the Municipal Clean Energy Pledge with minimum purchase requirements (municipality must make voluntary clean energy purchase of at least 14% in 2011);


2.  Commit to the EPA Community Energy Challenge;


3.  Achieve a Qualification Threshold through Local Support for Clean Energy: 

  • 100 points within a community or regional school district (all towns must participate in program)
  • Points equal to 10% of households within the community; or 
  • 1 Gigawatt-hour of CTCleanEnergyOptions purchased by a local C&I customer

Points are earned from local sign-ups to CTCleanEnergyOptions, local clean energy installations and purchases of Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates by a local C&I customer.  For a detailed explanation, please click here.

By meeting the above criteria, your town can qualify for a free clean energy system (solar photovoltaic, wind or solar thermal) from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.  CCEF and its consultants will provide a detailed report to assist the town in selecting a suitable location for the system.  All purchase and installation costs will be borne by the CCEF.


Each system will provide the town with clean, renewable energy that will count towards its municipal clean energy purchase target.  The money saved as a result of this system must be used towards a further clean energy purchase to meet the town’s goals.


There is a 2 kW minimum installation requirement for solar PV.  A municipality can either bank credits until it has earned 200 points or purchase kWs in addition to what it has earned. NEW EFFICIENCY REQUIREMENT:  The site selected by the municipality to host the clean energy system must undergo an energy audit and pursue all measures identified in the audit that have a simple payback of 5 years or less.


Special Offer to Augment Your Solar PV System: The CCEF will pay 50% of the cost of the additional kilowatts (kW), up to a total of $8,000 (the CCEF will, of course, pay 100% of the earned kW.)  A town can purchase additional kWs to meet the 2 kW minimum installation size. A town may not use its Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) money to augment a clean energy system earned under the Communities program due to requirements of compliance with the Davis Bacon act which would raise the cost of the entire project significantly.


In addition, the CCEF will provide up to two free data monitoring systems that will enable students and other citizens to learn about the electricity generated, the carbon dioxide emissions avoided and costs saved by the town as a result of the system. For an example of this monitoring system, please visit the system data for Middletown High School.