Benefits of Solar Hot Water Systems

SHW systems are appealing because they are technically simple and tend to be less expensive than other types of renewable energy systems for most applications. The most cost-effective application in Connecticut is for domestic hot water (DHW) and process water heating, particularly if it displaces electric water heating or permits shutdown of oil-fired boilers in the warmer months. While the capital cost of installing a solar hot water system for DHW is higher than that of installing a conventional water heater, the fuel savings can pay back the cost of the system in approximately 3 to 8 years, with federal and state incentives.

The planet benefits from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and preservation of finite fossil-fuel resources for future generations. The average commercial SHW system supplied about 109 MMBtu (210,000 gallons) of useful hot water, saving about 800 gallons of fuel oil per year and avoiding the production of almost 10 tons of carbon dioxide!

The local community benefits from improved air quality, greater independence from fossil fuels, and jobs created by the installation of these systems.