Meriden YMCA Mountain Mist Day Camp

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Turbine and Tower Details: Scirroco 6kW turbine on 106 ft. guyed tube tower

Location: 576 High Hill Road, Meriden, Connecticut


News and Updates


January 2010
Wind resource monitoring equipment was installed on the Meriden tower in the fall of 2009 and is collecting information about the wind resources at the site prior to the installation of the wind turbine. Once sufficient data is collected to estimate hub height wind speed, the turbine will be installed and the monitoring period will commence.  


Project History


The Meriden YMCA Mountain Mist Camp was selected as a host site for the SWTDP in March 2009; it was one of four sites selected from over 30 applicants. Staff from The Cadmus Group performed on-site visits in April 2009 to document site conditions and meet with school staff. Initial permitting documentation was gathered in June. There was a need to assess soil conditions to verify that a wetlands permit was not necessary. David Lord, from Soil Resource Consultants, performed soil testing and verified that wetlands were more than 150 feet away from the proposed site. A zoning variance was granted at the July 7, 2009 Planning and Zoning meeting. A 30-day appeal period followed. Neighbors who expressed interest or concerns regarding the proposed project were given documentation including photo simulations and information on turbine sound. Site visits to nearby turbine sites were set up to allow neighbors to see a completed installation. The project was presented at the August 12 Planning Commission meeting and was approved. The building permit was acquired in October 2009, and excavation and foundation preparation began soon thereafter. On November 20th, Cadmus staff installed wind monitoring equipment on the tower, and on December 2, 2009, the installation company, Pioneer Valley PhotoVoltaics (PV Squared) raised the tower.



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