Small Wind Turbine Demonstration Program

Program Overview


While there are few sites in Connecticut suitable for large wind installations, the state offers many opportunities for small wind projects. To support such projects, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) intends to create a small wind rebate program similar to its Small Solar PV Rebate Program. As a first step, CCEF has initiated the Small Wind Turbine Demonstration Project (SWTDP), which is designed to provide CCEF with valuable information regarding the operation of wind turbines in Connecticut. Data and information obtained from the demonstration project, including the identification of wind turbines that perform well in Connecticut, will enable CCEF to craft an effective wind rebate program.

CCEF has selected four sites* – coastal, near-coastal and inland/mountain – as sites where wind turbines will be erected under the SWTDP. At these diverse locations, which include the YMCA Mountain Mist Day camp in Meriden, Lyman Memorial High School, Coventry High School, and New Haven**, four different wind turbines will be tested. Data will be gathered over a one-year period and evaluated prior to the launch of a small wind rebate program.

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The SWTDP is funded by CCEF and managed by The Cadmus Group Inc., an environmental consulting firm based in Watertown, Massachusetts.

For more information about the Small Wind Turbine Demonstration Program, please contact Selya Price at

*CCEF has limited the scope of this demonstration project to the four sites noted herein and is not able to accept additional sites into the project. CCEF will consider supporting other small wind proposals once it launches a small wind rebate program.

 **The final New Haven site has yet to be finalized.