Operational Demonstration Program Pre-Qualification Survey

Why should I take this Pre-Qualification Survey?


This Pre-Qualification Survey is designed to help you determine if your project is eligible for the Operational Demonstration (Op Demo) Program. It is required as a first step in the application process.


What are the Op Demo Program's eligibility requirements?


Complete eligibility requirements are provided in the Op Demo Program Guidelines. The Pre-Qualification Survey asks questions pertaining to the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • The product/process must be technically feasible (meaning it does not violate the laws of physics) and the technology area must be within the scope of the Program.

    • Examples of eligible technology areas are electricity generation using renewable energy sources or high-efficiency methods, advanced energy efficiency and energy management for buildings and industrial processes, and hydrogen and biofuels production for stationary electricity generation.


    • Examples of ineligible technology areas are renewable fuel production for transportation, municipal solid waste to energy, nuclear technologies, environmental remediation and water treatment.
  • Technologies eligible for the Op Demo Program are at technology readiness levels (TRLs) 6-9 (proven in a laboratory or other experimental setting, field-operational, but not commercialized).
  • Project funding must be used to install, test and demonstrate commercial viability; it cannot be used for other business activities or uses such as a project subsidy, funding for previously performed work, or other purpose.
  • Your company should be located in Connecticut or have plans to build a significant presence in Connecticut.
  • Commercialization of your product/process should have potential to provide significant benefits to Connecticut, especially job creation, energy cost reduction, clean energy impact, and energy security.
  • Your funding request should be between $150,000 and $500,000, your company must be willing and able to receive funding in the form of an unsecured loan, and be able to provide a minimum 25% cost share.
  • The project must take place at a commercially relevant Connecticut host site with the support of the site owner and operator. The host site and owner must also be independent from the applicant company leading the demonstration.

The survey also asks a few questions to help us acquire a preliminary understanding of your product/process's potential for commercial success. Your product must have a market application and a competitive value proposition, meaning that it solves a commercial problem and has competitive advantages
so that customers will want to purchase your product over those of your competitors.


The innovation you are proposing to demonstrate may apply to a product, a process or both, hence the term “product/process.” By “product” we mean a fully integrated system (such as a complete solar photovoltaic system) or a system component (such as an inverter).  By “process” we mean a manufacturing process innovation that enables a system or system component to deliver functionality at a cost that results in a competitive advantage.


Two exceptions to the above minimum eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Your product/process involves a manufacturing process innovation, in which case CCEF may deem it appropriate to conduct the demonstration project at the product’s Connecticut manufacturing facility rather than at a host site that is independent of the applicant company.
  • Your company is interested in the Program’s exceptional company contribution and investment term which requires providing a cash cost share of greater than 75% and a cumulative cash investment of 5x the loan principal over the previous two years in R&D directly related to the product/process to be demonstrated.

How do I take the survey and what response should I expect ?


Download the Pre-Qualification Survey at the link provided below, complete the survey and click on the “Submit Form” button at the top of the form. After providing your email address and full name in the dialog box that appears, click on the “Send” button. If you get a second dialog box asking about your email set-up (e.g., a desktop application such as Microsoft Outlook or an internet email service such as Yahoo or Microsoft Hotmail), choose the appropriate option and click on the “OK” button.  Save your completed form to your computer/network and email your form as an attachment to: opdemoprogram@ctcleanenergy.com.


After submitting your survey to the Op Demo Program, you will receive one of two email responses (in three business days or less): (1) You do not qualify for the program and the reasons why, or (2) You do appear to qualify for the program.  If you appear to qualify, you will be encouraged to download the Program materials including the Op Demo Program Guidelines, Application Instructions, and Application Form from the Op Demo Program home page. We recommend that you first read through the Program Guidelines, then the Application Instructions and Application Form (electronically fillable) before beginning work on your application. Note that a survey result of appearing to qualify does not guarantee program eligibility. If you have any questions, please contact Op Demo Program staff at opdemoprogram@ctcleanenergy.com.


Click here to download the Op Demo Program Pre-Qualification Survey.