Showcasing Your Clean Energy Project

If you have an idea or product related to clean energy, CCEF will help you demonstrate its feasibility. The Operational Demonstration Program offers up to $750,000 to set up demonstrations designed to show the feasibility and economic benefits of new technology.

Examples include fuel cells; wind, solar, wave, and tidal energy projects; ocean thermal energy; biomass; landfill gas; run-of-the-river hydropower; and hydrogen generation and storage technologies.

Here are the criteria you must meet to obtain funding:
•    Proven viability in a laboratory setting.
•    High probability of commercial success.
•    Technologies not yet in the marketplace, or new applications of proven technologies.
•    Generating capacity of at least 1 kilowatt (or functional equivalent).
•    Keen interest in demonstrating commercial viability and economic benefits.
•    Support of Connecticut host site owner or operator.
•    Three-year commercialization window (five years for fuel cells).
•    Qualified team of professionals, partners, and contractors.
•    Demonstrable benefits to Connecticut ratepayers.



In May 2007, The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund approved a loan of $557,134 to help fund the demonstration of a new 500-kilowatt hydroelectric turbine system at Kirby Mill in Mansfield.  Click to learn more.



Download Operational Demonstration Program application instructions
Download Operational Demonstration Program Pre-Application Forms
Download Operational Demonstration Program Application


Pathway to Funding
1. Review of application.
2. Screening for eligibility.
3. Evaluation, due diligence, and modeling.
4. Possible oral presentation.
5. External committee review.
6. Determination and notification of level of support.
7. Applicant decision to proceed.
8. Review and approval by Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Board.