On-Site Anaerobic Digestion Projects - Pilot Program

The purpose of the On-site Anaerobic Digestion (OAD) RFP is to solicit Applications from eligible entities working with experienced renewable energy developers (Applicants). There will be a strong emphasis on evaluating the financial feasibility of each proposed installation (Project) as well as the Applicant’s ability to complete construction of the Project in a timely manner. Applications for this RFP will only be accepted during the timeframe specified in this RFP, Section 2.


Important Dates


RFP Release: April 11, 2012, Updated June 25, 2012


Closing Date for Accepting Applications: July 13, 2012, by 5:00 p.m. EST


Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technologies are eligible for either a grant, loan or power purchase incentive under this RFP. This RFP is a financial support program for new renewable energy generating equipment at commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in Connecticut. Through this RFP, CEFIA will offer financial support to help finance the cost of AD equipment for energy generating Projects in the development phase that have not yet commenced the construction phase. The level of support for individual awards is not a fixed amount based on size or cost; it will vary based on the specific technology, efficiency and economics of the installation. The intent of the financial support is to enable Project owners to achieve a reasonable “payback” during the life of the Project, with a fair and reasonable return on investment, compared with purchasing the equivalent amount of power from the utility.


Program Announcement

 Following action during the special session of the legislature on June 12, 2012,--Public Act 12-2, AN ACT IMPLEMENTING CERTAIN PROVISIONS CONCERNING GOVERNMENT ADMISINSTRATION, which included a slight modification to CEFIA’s Anaerobic Digestion Pilot Program, was signed by Governor Malloy on June 15, 2012.  CEFIA’s Anaerobic Digestion Pilot Program was initially limited to projects less than 1.5 MWs and subsequent to the passage of P.A. 12-2 was modified to now support projects up to 3 MW in size.



Links to Important Information

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