Alpha Program

CCEF’s Alpha Program provides financing to help technology innovators and entrepreneurs advance development and commercialization of emerging clean energy technologies. The goal is to support growth of Connecticut’s clean energy industry, resulting in job creation, reduction in clean energy costs, environmental benefits and enhanced energy security.


The Alpha Program provides funding for development and testing to establish the technical viability and commercial potential of promising, early-stage technologies. 


The Alpha Program is one of three New Technology Programs offered by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) and Connecticut Innovations (CI).  See for an overview of the three programs, including the Operational Demonstration Program,, and the Clean Tech Fund,
The Alpha Program offers funding in two phases: a Phase 1 grant of up to $50,000 for Engineering Design and Development, and a Phase 2 loan of up to $150,000 for Prototype Construction and Testing. The grant requires a 25% funding match and the loan requires a one-third funding match. The Program is run as a competitive solicitation with two funding rounds per year. See the Program Announcements section below for important program dates.


If you have developed a new technology (or an innovative application of an existing technology), CCEF encourages you to take our Pre-Qualification Survey so that we can determine which program you may be eligible for. A list of eligible technology areas is provided below. Minimum eligibility requirements are summarized on the New Technology Programs Web page,, from which you can download the Pre-Qualification Survey. Once you submit your completed survey, you will receive a response from the New Technology Programs team directing you appropriately within five business days. Program guidelines and application materials are available on the respective program Web pages.


CCEF-funded new technology projects can involve full systems or system components representing product/process innovations in eligible technology areas, which include:

  • Electricity generation from renewable energy sources* or from waste energy recovery.
  • Electricity generation from nonrenewable energy sources using high-efficiency methods.
  • Combined heat and power.
  • Geothermal (ground source heat pumps) and solar thermal for heating/cooling.
  • Advanced energy efficiency and/or energy management systems for buildings and/or industrial processes.
  • Building envelope technologies.
  • Electricity infrastructure improvements, including energy storage for the electrical grid.
  • Fuel cells and hydrogen production.
  • Biomass and biofuel production for stationary electricity generation.
    * Click here for more information about what qualifies as renewable energy in Connecticut. 

For more information about eligibility requirements, see the New Technology Programs Web page,, and the Alpha or Op Demo Program Guidelines.

Program Announcements

  • The Alpha Program began accepting applications on March 30, 2011 for the first funding round. Applications are due June 15, 2011. A maximum of six projects may be funded in this round.

Program Guidelines and Application Materials

The Alpha Program Guidelines, Application Instructions, and Application Form are provided at the links below. We recommend that you read through all of the program documentation before beginning work on your full application.

For a one-page overview of the Alpha Program Process, see:  Alpha Program Process Overview.


Links to Important Information 

  • Alpha Program Fact Sheet – COMING SOON