Supplying Clean Energy to Electric Distribution Companies

Project 150 (formerly Project 100) is an initiative aimed at increasing renewable energy supply in Connecticut by at least 150 megawatts (MWs) of installed capacity. This initiative, now fully subscribed, created an opportunity for developers, manufacturers and financiers to advance Connecticut-based “Class I” renewable projects. 


The ground-breaking legislation that launched Project 150 was created because large renewable energy projects are difficult to finance without long-term contracts. The legislation requires local electric distribution companies to enter into long-term electric purchase agreements (EPAs) for no less than 150 MW with generators of “Class I” renewable energy.


In the implementation process, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund was charged with issuing requests for proposals from developers as well as conducting the initial screening, evaluation and selection of projects to recommend to the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC). The projects approved by the DPUC were then forwarded to the Connecticut Light and Power Company and the United Illuminating Company for contract negotiation. Those projects approved by the DPUC for long-term EPAs received financial support from CCEF.


There were 13 projects that received long-term EPAs and CCEF funding. They will add just over 150 MW of installed renewable energy capacity in Connecticut. The projects are presently in various stages of development.


Projects Supported Under Project 150

  • Round 1:
    • Watertown Renewable Power (Watertown) – wood biomass
  • Round 2:
    • DFC-EPG Milford (Milford) – fuel cell
    • Clearview East Canaan Energy (East Canaan) – biomass digester
    • Clearview Renewable Energy (Bozrah) – mixed biomass
    • Plainfield Renewable Energy (Plainfield) – wood biomass
    • SNEW Bio-Fuel Power (South Norwalk) – landfill gas
    • Stamford Hospital (Stamford) – fuel cell
    • Waterbury Hospital (Waterbury) – fuel cell
  • Round 3:
    • Bridgeport Fuel Cell Park (Bridgeport) – fuel cell
    • DFC-ERG Bloomfield (Bloomfield) – fuel cell
    • DFC-ERG Glastonbury (Glastonbury) – fuel cell
    • DFC-ERG Trumbull (Trumbull) – fuel cell
    • EPG Fuel Cell (Danbury) – fuel cell