C-PACE Eligibility

What types of buildings are eligible?

  • LOCATION: The property is located within the boundaries of a municipality that has adopted a resolution joining the C-PACE program. Click here to determine if your municipality is eligible for this program.

  • OWNERSHIP: The applicant is the legal owner of the property, and all the legal owners of such property agree to participate.
  • PROPERTY TYPE: The property must be non-residential, or over 5 dwelling units, and pay property taxes or have a property tax ID.
  • PROPERTY-BASED DEBT: The property must be current on property tax and assessment payments. The property owner must not have any involuntary liens, defaults, or judgments applicable to the subject property. The assessment for the project cannot result in a total lien-to-value ratio of greater than 1.0.
  • LENDER CONSENT: The property owner must provide evidence that the mortgage holder (or holders) on the property consents to the PACE assessment.

What types of upgrades are eligible?

  • High efficiency lighting
  • Heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades
  • New automated building and HVAC controls
  • Variable speed drives (VSDs) on motors fans and pumps
  • High efficiency chillers
  • High efficiency boilers and furnaces
  • High efficiency hot water heating systems
  • Combustion and burner upgrades
  • Fuel switching
  • Water conservation measures to the extent they save energy
  • Heat recovery and steam traps
  • Building enclosure/envelope improvements
  • Building automation (energy management) systems
  • Renewable energy systems.

What isn’t eligible?

  • Appliances, e.g., refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.
  • Plug load devices
  • Vending machine controls
  • Any package of measures with a weighted average effective useful life (EUL) that does not meet or exceed the life of the loan
  • Any package of measures that does not achieve an energy savings (over the life of the loan) to [total project] investment ratio > 1
  • Any measure that is easily removed or not permanently installed
  • Any measure that does not result in improved water or energy efficiency or renewable energy generation
  • Extending natural gas lines to the property line to enable a C-PACE-eligible gas conversion project.



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