South Windsor High School

System Size (kW): 200

Savings: South Windsor High School's fuel cell significantly reduces the school’s demand on the power grid, while producing practically no pollution. The more than 900,000 BTUs of heat it generates hourly is also used to reduce the school's costs for space heating and preheating boiler return water.


Learning to Love Clean Energy

At South Windsor High School, a PC25 fuel cell generates 200 kilowatts (kW) of electricity. Not only does that clean energy significantly reduce the high school’s demand upon the power grid, but the school further benefits from the cell by capturing the more than 900,000 BTUs of heat it generates hourly. That byproduct is used for space heating and to preheat boiler return water. While a traditional power system produces as much as 25 pounds of pollutants to generate 1,000 KW hours of electricity, South Windsor High School’s fuel cell produces less than one ounce. The PC25 was manufactured and installed by South Windsor-based UTC Fuel Cells, a division of United Technologies Corporation.

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