B.H. Davis Company

Solar Photovoltaic


System Size (kW DC): 9.89





Expected Annual Electricity Generation (kWh): 9,676







Carving Out a Place for Solar

The 9.89-kW solar photovoltaic system located on the roof of this custom millwork shop in Thompson is expected to generate approximately 80 percent of the electricity required by the facility over the course of a year.  In fact, during the summer months, the system will actually produce more power than the company needs, sending the excess back into the power grid.


Installed in late 2008 by Alteris Renewables, the solar array at B.H. Davis Company includes 43 solar panels.  These panels were installed at a low mounting angle so that they would not be visible from the street level, leaving the appearance of the company’s historic building undisturbed by the modern alteration. 


The B.H. Davis Company is an excellent example of a small business that has wisely turned to solar energy technology to help control its energy costs.  The company’s solar array is a great reminder of the power of solar and will benefit both the company and the community for years to come.  


Environmental Benefits


Annual Emissions Avoided (lbs.) *


10,741 8 6 20



The energy produced by this system is equivalent to:


The needs
of 1 home

Removing the
emissions for 1 car

Planting 2 acres of trees



Additional Information


B.H. Davis Company

227 Riverside Drive

Thompson, CT 06277



Bernard Davis




Are tours of this facility available? No


System installed by:


Alteris Renewables




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* Learn about how we calculate avoided emissions here