Peabody Museum

System Size (kW): 250

Savings: Producing roughly a quarter of the electricity needed by Yale's Environmental Science Center, the fuel cell generates none of the pollution commonly associated with burning fossil fuels. Heat generated as a byproduct is used to maintain tight temperature and humidity controls at the facility.


Clean Energy is Only Natural
A 250 kilowatt (kW) fuel cell provides approximately 25 percent of the electricity needs of the Environmental Science Center near the Yale University’s renowned natural history museum. Fuel cells extract energy from hydrogen through a chemical process, rather than by burning fuels such as oil and coal, the way most of America’s generating plants are powered. Produced by FuelCell Energy, of Danbury, Connecticut, the cell is fueled by natural gas, but generates electricity without combustion, so there is none of the pollution commonly associated with burning fossil fuels. Yale makes further use of the cell by capturing the heat it generates and using it to maintain temperature and humidity at the facility.


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