Massey's Plate Glass & Aluminum, Inc.

Solar Photovoltaic


System Size (kW DC): 12.60 



Expected Annual Electricity Generation (kWh): 11,798 



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Neighbors Go Green with Solar   

Like-minded neighbors in Branford have gone green with solar: Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum and Pat Munger Construction. Both companies, which are located at 750 East Main Street, receive a significant portion of their electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.


Completed in 2009, the 12.6-kilowatt solar PV installation on the roof above Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum consists of 70 solar panels. Designed by Spire Solar and installed by Pat Munger Construction, the array supplies more than 41 percent of the business’s electricity needs. A grant from CCEF helped to defray more than one third of the total project cost.


“We are pleased with our decision to go ‘green’ by pursuing this sustainable energy solution for our business,” said Robert Massey Jr., chief executive officer of Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum.



Environmental Benefits


Annual Emissions Avoided (lbs.) *


13,096  10 7 25



The energy produced by this system is equivalent to:


The needs
of 1 homes

Removing the
emissions for 1 cars

Planting 2 acres of trees



Additional Information


Massey's Plate Glass & Aluminum, Inc.

750 East Main Street, Suite 2

Branford, CT 06405


Robert Massey



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System installed by:


Gloria Spire Solar


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