Sunset Ridge

Solar Photovoltaic


System Size (kW DC): 101.50



Expected Annual Electricity Generation (kWh): 95,489



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Enhancing Affordability with Solar


Resources from two CCEF initiatives combined to make a 101.50-kilowatt solar photovoltaic installation viable at the Sunset Ridge affordable housing development in New Haven. In addition to receiving support from the On-Site Renewable Distributed Generation Program, the Sunset Ridge project was supported with a grant from CCEF’s Affordable Housing Initiative.


The Affordable Housing Initiative is an incentive program that helps make solar PV installations an attractive, affordable option for developers of both small- and large-scale affordable housing projects. Through this initiative, developers who install solar PV systems at affordable housing projects may apply for a grant to defray a portion of the upfront installation costs.


According to the developer of Sunset Ridge, installing solar energy systems on housing for low income families helps to preserve long-term affordability – through stabilized electricity costs – and allows residents to reduce their carbon footprint.




Environmental Benefits


Annual Emissions Avoided (lbs.) *


 105,992  84  54  201



The energy produced by this system is equivalent to:


The needs
of 11 homes

Removing the
emissions for 9 cars

Planting 18 acres of trees



Additional Information


Sunset Ridge

17 Mountain Ridge Terrace 

New Haven, CT 06513


Larry Curtis

Telephone: 617-742-4500


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* Learn about how we calculate avoided emissions here