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System Size (kW): 16.5

Savings: This system generates 20,600 Kilowatt hours of electricity annually, approximately 10% of the building’s electrical needs.


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Centerbrook Office a Laboratory for Green Architecture

At Centerbrook Architects, Centerbrook, CT, a rooftop on their office has been turned into a mini electric power plant, with 100 solar photovoltaic panels converting sunlight directly into non-polluting electricity.

The 16.5 Kilowatt system requires no storage batteries. It is connected directly to the Connecticut Light and Power grid and reduces the amount of electricity purchased. It is expected to provide 20,600 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, approximately 10% of the building’s electrical needs. This is the equivalent of reducing emissions of 34 pounds of nitrogen oxides, 85 pounds of sulfur dioxide, and 20,183 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Centerbrook’s new solar energy system joins many other green installations at Centerbrook’s 20,000-square-foot office. The firm has practiced innovative sustainable design since the 1970s with its own office serving as a laboratory for green architecture. 

Centerbrook’s property, sited on the Falls River, has been a water-powered industrial site since 1721. Centerbrook’s renovations included the installation of a new hydro power turbine in the building in 1982. Today hydro power generates approximately 10% of Centerbrook’s annual electrical needs. With the addition of the energy generated by the photovoltaic array, Centerbrook expects to generate approximately 20% of its annual electrical needs itself with these clean energy systems - an expected annual savings of $8,000 on its electric bill.

The building itself was recycled by Centerbrook Architects in 1970 from a nineteenth-century drill bit factory into a twenty-first century architect’s office.

As part of its ongoing research into sustainable building practices, Centerbrook installed a “green” roof over a portion of its office. The roof serves Centerbrook staff as an on-site experiment into the suitability of a variety of plants for use as roofing material. Green roofs reduce air pollution and help control heating and cooling costs.

Centerbrook is a member of the U. S. Green Building Council and has a number of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited architects on staff. Centerbrook’s buildings have received awards for sustainable design and certification in the LEED Green Building Rating System®


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