Solar Thermal Incentive Program - Residential



Using funds received under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund has established a solar thermal incentive program to stimulate the development of renewable energy and green jobs in Connecticut.


Because this new incentive program is funded exclusively by the federal government, applications are open to all Connecticut homeowners, businesses and organizations who wish to install solar domestic hot water (DHW) heating systems. Incentives are available for both new construction and for existing buildings, or retrofits. Solar hot water systems for space heating or pool heating are not eligible for incentives. Funding is expected to last for approximately 32 months (through approximately March 2012), during which time the program will be evaluated and consideration will be given to continuing the program under CCEF funding.


Prospective applicants who are interested in the Solar Thermal Incentive Program are encouraged to review program details in the fact sheet linked here and contact one or more eligible solar thermal contractors. A list of these contractors is available here.  The contractors can provide you with a price quote for a solar thermal system and can help answer any questions you may have about such systems.


Click here for the commercial version of the Solar Thermal Incentive Program.


Program Announcements

Effective immediately, the rebates for the Solar Thermal Incentive Program have been increased, as follows:

These rates should make solar thermal projects even more attractive, economically.  The higher rates for commercial projects are intended to compensate for the additional costs of compliance with the federal requirements associated with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which is funding the Solar Thermal Program.  See Solar Thermal Incentive Program fact sheet for more information.  

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