Deployment Committee of the

Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority

865 Brook Street

Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Friday, Novermber 30, 2012 – Special Meeting

12:00 to 2:30 p.m.


Letter to the Deployment Committee










1.   Call to order

2.   Public Comments - 5 minutes

3.   Approval of meeting minutes for August 24, 2012* - 5 minutes

4.    Review and Approval of Repurposed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act State Energy Program - Clean Energy Financial Innovation Program - 60 minutes 


     a.  Review and Approval of Residential Low Income Clean Energy Loan Program - Public-Private Partnership with the Bank of America , Housing Development Fund, and the Opportunity Finance Network (ARRA-SEP supported Financing Program)* - 20 minutes


     b.  Review and approval of Residential Financing Efficiency and Equipment Replacement Loan Program - Public-Private Partnership with Connecticut- Based Credit Unions and Community Banks (ARRA-SEP supported Financing Program)* - 20 minutes


     c.   Review and approval of Residential Solar PV Loan Program - Public-Private Partnership with Mass Mutual and Sungage (ARRA-SEP supported Financing Program)* - 20 minutes

  • Solar Loan Program: A Residential Solar PV Financing Program - Due Diligence Package 


5.  Review and recommendation for approval of Step 3 and Step 4 of the Residential Solar Investment Program (Statutory Program)* and Finance Programs - 20 minutes


    a. Review and approval of Residential and Commercial Solar PV and Solar Hot Water Lease Program - Public-Private Partnership with AFC First Financial and US Bank (Financing Program)* - 30 minutes

   b.  Review and approval of the Residential Solar Investment Program Capital Competition Pilot Loan Program (Financing Program)* - 10 minutes



6.  Review and approval of C-PACE transactions (Financing Programs)* - 10 minutes

  •  C-PACE Project - Memo (Informational material to be provided at the Deployment Committee Meeting on Friday, November 30, 2012)


7.  Review and approval of Technical High School Training Program* (Transition Program) - 5 minutes


8.  Proposed amendment and recommendation of approval to the Board of Directors of the CEFIA Bylaws Section 5.3.3. Deployment Committee* - 5 minutes

9. Review and approval of Deployment Committee regular meeting schedule for 2013 * - 5 minutes


10.  Adjourn



*Denotes item requiring Committee action

**Denotes item requiring Committee action and recommendation to the Board for approval   

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Dial +1 (312) 878-3080    Access Code: 715-903-487

Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, 865 Brook Street, Rocky Hill, CT