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Turbine and Tower Details: Eoltec Scirroco 6kW turbine on 106 ft. guyed tube tower

Location: 576 High Hill Road, Meriden, CT


Equipment and Testing

Testing will be commencing soon on the Eoltec Scirroco turbine.  This testing will include collecting data to verify turbine power performance, acoustic emissions, power quality, and durability; referencing, where applicable, portions of the AWEA draft small wind test standard and IEC 61400.  Monitoring is scheduled to occur for a period of 12 months, from turbine installation.  Progress reports and final report, when available, will be posted here.



Characteristics of Test Turbine



Manufacturer and Model

Eoltec Scirocco

Rotational Axis




Rotor Diameter

5.6 m




Cut-In Wind Speed 2.7 m/s
Cut-Out Wind Speed N/A
Survival Wind Speed 60 m/s
Rated Power (Rated Wind Speed) 6.0 kW at 11.5 m/s and above
Operational Rotor Speed Variable speed 80 to 245 rpm
Overspeed Regulation Method Full span stall (centrifugal pitch regulation)


Electrical Characteristics


Inverter Manufacturer and Model Power One PVI-6000-OUTD-US-W
Turbine Output Voltage Range 220 VAC
Turbine Output Frequency Range 0-46 Hz
Inverter Output Voltage Default - 240V; Optional 208 or 277V
Inverter Output Max ITHD/VTHD <2% at rated power with sine wave voltage





Tilt-up Guyed Monopole 5’’
Hub Height 106 ft (32.3 m)
Manufacturer ARE



Instrumentation and Measured Parameters


Hub Height Wind Speed (Correlation period only)

Calibrated NRG #40C anemometer
Primary anemometer (75 ft level, 178° True) Thies First Class 4.3351.0 anemometer
Backup anemometer (75 ft level, 328° True) Calibrated NRG #40C anemometer
Secondary anemometer (50 ft level, 178° True) Calibrated NRG #40C anemometer
Wind direction (66 ft level, 253° True) NRG #200P potentiometer wind vane
Barometric pressure (74 ft level) NRG #BP20 pressure transducer
Ambient air temperature (10 ft level) NRG #110S shielded temperature sensor
System Output Power/Voltage/Power Quality Ohio Semitronics A230 Power Meter
Data Logger Campbell Scientific CR800


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