Geothermal Heat Pump Incentive Program - Residential

No rebate from this program will be paid to any project which is not completed and operating by April 30, 2012.


Using funds received under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) has established a geothermal heat pump incentive program to stimulate the development of renewable energy and green jobs in Connecticut. This program is designed to encourage homeowners, commercial building owners, and real estate developers to consider geothermal heat pumps when planning their HVAC requirements.


Geothermal systems draw upon the relatively constant temperature (~50-55° F) of the soil or ground water deep beneath the earth’s surface to efficiently heat buildings during colder months and cool buildings during warmer months.


There will be a total of $4.5 million in grant funds available for the program between December 2009 and April 2012, when the funds must be fully expended. CCEF anticipates that this level of funding will support the installation of approximately 600 residential and commercial geothermal heat pump systems.


For a full program description (including eligibility requirements and funding limits) and application information, click on the links below.


Click here for the Commercial version of the Geothermal Heat Pump Incentive Program


Funding available under this program is as follows:


Geothermal Heat Pump Residential - As of 5/16/2011

Applications Received

Rebate Funds Reserved

Rebate Funds Remaining

% Remaining






Program Start

Program End Months Left in Program


 December 2009

April 2012




NOTE:  We are approaching the depletion of funding for this program.  New applications will not be accepted after all funds have been allocated to projects.



Program Announcements

  • Geothermal Heat Pump Incentive Changes

    As planned, the incentives for the geothermal heat pump program will be reduced as we move toward the goal of 3000 tons installed by April of 2012.  However, based on the current rate of applications and the costs of the projects, the incentive structure will be adjusted to reflect the faster-than-expected installation rate.  As of May 5, 2010, CCEF has received applications totaling 1,057 tons.  All complete applications received on or before Friday, May 14 will be incented at the originally published rate.

    The following incentive structure will apply to all applications received after Friday, May 14, 2010:

    Rebate amount:  

    ► Residential (retrofits of existing building) -- $1,200 per ton of air-conditioning capacity
    ► Residential (new construction) -- $1,050 per ton
    ► Commercial for-profit -- $1,050 per ton
    ► Not-for-profit -- $1,750 per ton

    These rates will apply for the duration of the program.  Please note that any project which is not complete and operating by March 31, 2012 will not be eligible for any payment of the rebate, according to the rules of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act.


    Incentive vs. Program Goals  
    Incentive per ton
    Type of Project
    First 1000 tons
    Next 500 tons
    As of 5/14/10 (500 tons)
    Residential Retrofit
    Residential New
    Commercial For Profit
    Commercial Not-For-Profit

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