DBS Energy, Inc.

Solar Photovoltaic


System Size (kW DC): 9.90



Expected Annual Electricity Generation (kWh): 9,357






A “Zero Energy” Building


DBS Energy Inc., an energy services company in Berlin, installed a 9.90-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system at its facility to illustrate a “zero energy” commercial building.  Such buildings are grid-independent, produce their own energy on site, and produce zero carbon emissions.  The DBS building is “zero energy” because its clean, solar PV system provides virtually 100 percent of the facility’s year-round electricity.


The facility also features a wood-fired hydronic boiler that provides heating to the building in the winter.  Additionally, DBS has installed high-efficiency lighting and a building management system that provides peak shaving capabilities and non-occupied temperature resets so that energy is not wasted during unoccupied times.


The company wanted to show its customers that eco-friendly energy solutions could be implemented cost effectively and with significant results.




Environmental Benefits


Annual Emissions Avoided (lbs.) *


 10,387  8  5  20



The energy produced by this system is equivalent to:


The needs
of 1 home

Removing the
emissions for 1 car

Planting 2 acres of trees



Additional Information


DBS Energy, Inc.

600 Four Rod Road

Building 2

Berlin, CT 06037


Erik Bartone





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 System installed by:


Renewable Energy Services



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* Learn about how we calculate avoided emissions here