Tyrone Farm

Solar Photovoltaic


System Size (kW DC): 23.22


Expected Annual Electricity Generation (kWh): 22,715





Harvesting Solar at Connecticut Farm

A popular site in northeastern Connecticut for equestrian events, weddings and concerts, Tyrone Farm in Pomfret is home to a 23.22-kilowatt ground-mounted solar PV system. According to Tyrone Farm’s owner, guests are initially intrigued and then impressed with the contribution that the farm’s solar panels make to its operations. 


The solar installation at the farm consists of 108 solar panels, which together supply approximately 76% of the total electrical needs for the facility.  Because the panels are adjustable, PV efficiency can be optimized during all seasons.   


Environmental Benefits


Annual Emissions Avoided (lbs.) *


 25,214  20  13  48



The energy produced by this system is equivalent to:


The needs
of 3 homes

Removing the
emissions for 2 cars

Planting 4 acres of trees



Additional Information


Tyrone Farm

89 Tyrone Road

Pomfret, CT 06258



William MacLaren





Are tours of this facility available? No


System installed by:


Alteris Renewables




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* Learn about how we calculate avoided emissions here