Fuel Cell Performance Monitoring Program

The CCEF Fuel Cell Performance Monitoring to actively monitors operational and economic data from CT demonstration projects to establish the value proposition for renewable energy.


As of Q2 2009, CCEF has installed monitoring equipment at the first pilot site, Fairfield Water Pollution Control Authority.   A working prototype of the monitoring system and web interface has also been installed and is currently collecting, analyzing and displaying live data from the pilot site. CCEF continues to develop a capital and operation cost model in conjunction with the monitoring system to establish the financial value proposition of the fuel cell sites.


The five remaining sites to be monitored have been identified.  Development of engineering drawings and other site preparation activities are currently underway to get instrumentation equipment installed.  The sites include:

  • Pepperidge Farm – 1.2MW FCE
  • Middletown High School – 200kW UTC
  • South Windsor High School – 200kW UTC
  • Hartford Insurance – 300kW FCE
  • Hartford Science Center – 200kW UTC


Additional Resources


RFP #CCEF-FCMPGM-004 -  Posted October 21, 2009 - This request for proposals (RFP) invites qualified electrical contractors to install data collection, instrumentation and communication equipment at several locations in Connecticut for the purpose of establishing a web-based fuel cell remote monitoring system.


RFP #CCEF-FCMPGM-004 Conference Call Q and A