Now that your town has joined the 20% by 2010 Campaign, how can it achieve the goal of signing up local residents and businesses to CTCleanEnergyOptions program?


This program, which was developed by the Department of Public Utilities Control, allows any CL&P or UI customer the opportunity to support clean energy made from approved renewable resources such as wind and small hydro.  In order to qualify as a Connecticut Clean Energy Community, your city or town must meet the lesser of:

  • 100 points in a community or regional school district (all towns must meet each program requirement),
  • 1 Gigawatt-hour of clean energy demand created from a commercial and industrial (C&I) customer, or 
  • Points equal to 10% of the households in a community


How do the points count?

  • Each sign-up to CTCleanEnergyOptions within the community counts as 1 point regardless of whether it is a 50% or 100% customer;  
  • Each 100 MWh of clean energy purchased by a local commercial and industrial customer through the CTCleanEnergyOptions program counts as 10 points;  
  • Each clean energy system within the community funded by CCEF (excluding systems earned through this program) or otherwise documentable counts as 3 points (communities with fewer than 1,000 households shall earn 3% of 10% of households for each local clean energy system); and 
  • Each Green-e certified REC purchase by a C&I customer (excluding municipalities) counts as follows: 

    • 1-10 GWh = 50 points for each GWh purchased; and
    • > 10 GWh = 500 points plus 50 point for each 10 GWh purchased above 10 GWh (e.g., a 30 GWh purchase earns 600 points)



How can I sign up for clean energy?

It’s easy!  Any customer of CL&P or UI can sign up for CTCleanEnergyOptions in any of the various ways:

  • Complete an enrollment form provided by your local task force or the clean energy suppliers (i.e.,  Community Energy or Sterling Planet); or  
  • Sign-up on-line at  
  • Fill out the insert that is sent periodically with your electric bill;
  • Download and complete this CTCleanEnergyOptions Signup Form provided by CCEF

To measure some of the benefits of clean energy, click to try the Clean Energy Calculator.



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Important Note – If you are a CL&P customer who has chosen a competitive supplier to provide generation service, you may have been dropped as a CTCleanEnergyOptions customer.  As of October 16, 2008, all CL&P customers can choose both services.  UI customers have been able to choose both services.

Tools to help your community achieve more sign-ups

Grants Toolkit – The Community Innovations Grants Program provides qualifying towns with micro-grants from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.  This program is intended to raise awareness of the benefits and availability of clean energy through creative projects within local communities.  For more information and downloadable documents relating to the program, click here.
Marketing Toolkit – There are many different methods a town can use to generate sign-ups.  For some no cost or low cost marketing ideas, click here.
Please send us your own strategies that have proven successful in your community:
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