The Community Energy Challenge is an opportunity for municipalities across New England to identify simple and cost-effective measures that increase energy efficiency and renewable energy use while reducing air pollution and saving money.  The EPA will provide technical assistance to every community that chooses to take the challenge.


The EPA website is a valuable resource with step-by-step information to make participation in the Community Energy Challenge easy.  The EPA also offers frequent online training sessions covering many areas of the Community Energy Challenge. Click here for the complete schedule of these events.


A community must agree to assess energy use in its schools, municipal buildings or wastewater facilities and set a target for reductions (at least 10% lower than your baseline) in energy use intensity (energy use per square foot).  The timeframe for reductions is up to participants.


To take the pledge, a community must complete and submit a Commitment Letter to the EPA.  Please send an electronic copy of your commitment letter to CCEF at: