Teaching the Teachers

CEFIA has begun an ambitious effort to provide professional development opportunities for Connecticut educators in solar energy and wind energy education.


Learning for Clean Energy Innovation (LCEI) lessons are aligned with the Connecticut core science curriculum framework and are modeled after the curriculum embedded tasks for the energy transformations strand of the 9th grade standards. The Solar Education Unit and Wind Education Unit was developed with the support of the Department of Education, a working group consisting of experts from the education field in Connecticut, and an education consultant. The activities in the unit are flexible and fit easily into classroom lessons involving scientific inquiry and the scientific method.


The LCEI program provides professional development workshops free-of-charge to Connecticut educators from middle school through high school. Workshops are led by the Project to Increase Mastery of Mathematics and Science (PIMMS) of Wesleyan University. All workshops provide teachers with CEUs and curriculum materials. LCEI workshops are interactive and cross-disciplinary providing educators with a hands-on examination of the inquiry method using activity based learning opportunities. LCEI offers both general summer workshops and district wide workshops throughout the school year.


2012 Summer Energy Education Workshops - Solar and Wind

The eesmarts and LCEI programs welcome Connecticut educators to attend summer workshops on energy, energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy sources. Our professional development workshops, led by the Project to Increase Mastery of Mathematics and Science-Wesleyan University, review both content and pedagogy regarding energy-related scientific and mathematical concepts. Educators will receive training for inquiry-based, hands-on activities that can be utilized in the classroom environment. Workshops will be held in late June and July at Wesleyan Univerisity in Middletown. For more information, or to register please visit www.eesmarts.com.


Heliotronics Live Data

CEFIA has purchased four Heliotronics educational data displays. The four displays are located at Common Ground High School in New Haven, Glastonbury High School in Glastonbury, E.O. Smith High School in Mansfield and Wilton High School in Wilton. The Heliotronics system allows for more flexible, in depth data monitoring. The data is downloadable in various formats for educational use.


To see the live data provided by the Heliotronics system please click here.


To view a PowerPoint presentation on the Heliotronics system please click here.


Program Documents