Tackling Climate Change

The way we use energy directly affects the issue of climate change, and CEFIA has teamed up with Clean Air-Cool Planet to increase awareness of that interconnection. The Clean Energy Climate Solutions Project is a three-step initiative aimed at testing, evaluating, and adapting educational materials that will teach elementary and secondary school students in Connecticut  about clean energy as an important solution to climate change.

The project is managed by the Connecticut Science Center Collaborative under the direction of Clean Air-Cool Planet, with a CEFIA grant. The project is expected to educate tens of thousands of Connecticut museum-goers a year and motivate them to use clean energy to combat climate change.


The Plan

Step One – Test off-the-shelf clean energy education materials at 10 informal education centers such as science centers and museums.


Step Two – Evaluate the effectiveness of the materials when they are used by educators to teach that clean energy is a solution to climate change. 

Step Three – Expand the program to supply additional funding for educational materials at 10 more science centers and museums in Connecticut.


Science Centers in Collaborative:


Beardsley Zoo
(203) 394-6565

Dinosaur State Park
(860) 529-8423

Children’s Museum, West Hartford
(860) 231-2824

Eli Whitney Museum
(203) 777-1833

Connecticut Audubon
(860) 559-0244

Peabody Museum
(203) 432-3775

CRRA Trash Museum
(860) 757-7765

Stepping Stones Museum
(203) 899-0606

Discovery Museum
(203) 372-3521

Talcott Mountain Science Center
(203) 677-8571