Basics of Clean Energy

Working Toward a Brighter Future

The choices you make in your daily life about using energy become more important with each passing day. Our health, prosperity, and security depend on our ability to break our dependence on natural gas, coal, and petroleum by developing non-polluting alternative energy sources.


Clean energy alternatives are emerging from natural sources:
            •    Wind
            •    Sun
            •    Water

And from innovative new processes:
            •    Waste-to-energy conversion
            •    Biomass conversion
            •    Fuel cells

By supporting the development of alternative energy, you are helping Connecticut add jobs, develop new technologies, reduce emissions, provide solutions to climate change, and provide ways for communities to create a better future.


Make a Difference

Clean energy is not just about new sources of power; it is about developing a new relationship between power generation and power consumption. More Connecticut residents are learning what their energy requirements are, how they can reduce their demand (Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund), and how their needs can be met with small-scale, decentralized solutions. Consumers can turn into producers, joining a distributed generation system that not only makes their homes and businesses more self-reliant but also helps stabilize the state's power grid.


Learn About Clean Energy 

Click here to learn more about clean, alternative energy sources available in Connecticut through interactive 3D experiences.