A Clean Energy Community

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Joined the 20% by 2010 Campaign: 
October 2007 - View Resolution


Local Clean Energy Contact: 
James Stratos, Chair of Green Energy Committee
Phone:  (860) 928-6054
Email:  jim@woodstockctgreenteam.org
Task Force Website: http://www.woodstockctgreenteam.org/



Your town has received a Community Innovation Grant!  Please contact your local clean energy task force to find out how you can apply or click here for more information.

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Local Clean Energy Supporters

Putnam Hydropower Inc.

Summit Hydropower Inc.

Local Press Coverage

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New roof on Woodstock school building will clear way for solar panels   December 19, 2010  

Towns looking to lower costs for electricity with solar energy   December 16, 2010 

Woodstock E-Waste Event: A Great CT Clean Enery Options Sign-up Sucess!
     July 30, 2010


CPWF Interviews Green Team Chairman Jim Stratos     May 18, 2010


Use of clean energy encouraged         May 18, 2010


BoE on board with Green Energy Committee      September 4, 2009

For $4 a month, you can help clean up the planet

Woodstock wants clean energy boost    


Town Description:

Woodstock is a beautiful town located in the northeastern corner of Connecticut that captures the typical New England charm. It has rich rural character and a large agricultural community. The desire of most of the 7,750 residents is to maintain this environment. Because of its proximity to many major cities and the advent of technology, Woodstock's population and construction are increasing quickly. To protect Woodstock from growing too fast and losing what most of us treasure, the town's people spoke in overwhelming support to preserve open space and farmlands.







Town Hall Address & Website: 
415 route 169
Woodstock, CT 06281