Micro-Grants to Support Clean Energy Awareness

Citizens with an interest in supporting clean energy can apply for community funding under the Community Innovation Grants Program (CIGP).  The funding is awarded to cities and towns and is managed by a local energy task force (council or commission.)  In turn, through a grant-giving process, the energy task forces provide micro grants between $250 and $2000 to organizations and citizens motivated to start local projects that support clean energy awareness and education within their communities.  It is requested that any pamphlets or materials created through this funding be reviewed by the CCEF prior to distribution. 


Apply now for Community Funding with this online form. 


What Is Required To Qualify
In addition to committing to 20% clean energy by 2010 and the EPA Community Energy Challenge, communities must participate in a training session to learn about the grant process and program requirements.  Once your application has been approved, you will be invited to join the on-line training session. 


Grants Toolkit





Our SolarOne Harvester is available for loan to Community Innovation Grant recipients and 20% by 2010 towns! The Harvester can be used to power 110 volt devices up to 5.5 amps. It can be used to power laptops, printers, radios and TVs, low wattage lighting and signage. More information about the Harvester is noted here.

Contact us now so your town can demonstate solar electricity at its next fair or event!