Now that your town has made a commitment to clean energy, how can it meet the goal of 20% by 2010?  We suggest that you gradually build up to acheive the target beginning with an initial purchase of 5% of the annual municipal electricity usage. There are three basic ways a town can support clean energy:

  1. Sign up one or more municipal buildings in the CTCleanEnergyOptions program.  We recommend that you call both of the independent companies that have been selected for this program, Community Energy and Sterling Planet.  You should schedule a presentation by the representatives of those companies and ask about their incentive plans for municipalities.
  2. Install a clean energy system at a municipal facility.  Call the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund to learn about the incentives that are available for a variety of renewable technologies under our On-Site Renewable DG Program
  3. Purchase “Green-e certified” Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from a clean energy supplier, such as Community Energy or Sterling Planet.  You have the flexibility to choose the quantity, technology, location and price for your desired product.

Green-e - the nation’s leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and carbon offsets in the retail market

US EPA – Guide to Purchasing Green Power


The ideal municipal energy strategy

We strongly recommend that a town (as well as a business, institution or household) develop a comprehensive strategy that includes conservation, energy efficiency and renewables.  This will help to reduce the amount of energy used from conventional sources, which will lower harmful emissions, and save money, which can be reinvested in further clean and efficient energy measures.


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Connecticut One Thing Campaign

EPA Community Energy Challenge – promoting energy efficiency and renewables in New England cities and towns