A Brighter Future

The power of the sun is easy to understand even on the coldest Connecticut day. On a bright and clear day find a place facing south, out of the wind, and soak up the warmth. Farmers and architects have harnessed the sun for millennia. To capture the extraordinary amounts of energy delivered with each day's sunshine has long been the cherished dream of many an environmentalist.


Today's most advanced solar photovoltaic systems can convert up to a third of the power of the sunlight they receive. More typical home solar systems can convert around 12% of the energy they receive into electricity.


In Connecticut, where solar energy is affected by latitude, cloud cover, and air pollution, a 5-kilowatt, well-designed home solar system can generate 5,256 kilowatt-hours per year, or about three-quarters of the average Connecticut household consumption of 8,400 kilowatt-hours per year.


Solar arrays are being successfully deployed throughout Connecticut in both institutional and residential settings.


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