Developing Affordable Housing Projects

The Affordable Housing Initiative is currently not accepting applications.


The Affordable Housing Initiative is a program of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund designed specifically for developers of affordable housing projects in Connecticut. Through this initiative, affordable housing developers may obtain a financial incentive, in the form of a grant, when installing a solar photovoltaic system at an affordable housing development. The Affordable Housing Initiative provides an exciting opportunity for developers to incorporate clean energy into affordable housing developments.

Benefits of this program include:

•    Electricity price stability
•    Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
•    Energy Independence
•    Preservation of finite fossil-fuel resources for future generations
•    Improved air quality
The program offers:

•    Rebates for Small, Residential Developments and
•    Rebates for Large, Commercial Developments

How to get started:

•    Download the program Fact Sheet
•    Download the CCEF On-Site DG Pre-Application and Instructions
•    Download the CCEF On-Site DG Application
•    Download the list of Approved Solar PV Installers

Other resources on green affordable housing:

•    Connecticut Housing Finance Authority's Green Design & Construction Standards