Joint Committee of the CT Energy Efficiency Board and the
Connecticut Green Bank Board of Directors
10 Franklin Square, New Britain, CT

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
1:30-3:30 p.m.

Letter to the Connecticut Green Bank Committee Members




1. Call to Order

2. Public Comments

3. Approval of Meeting Minutes for October 22, 2014 meeting

        • Draft Meeting Minutes of October 22, 2014

4. Governance (15 min)

        • Joint Committee of the Energy Conservation Management Board and the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Green Bank – Bylaws
        • 2015 Regular Meeting Schedule

5. Strategic Objectives (30 min)

      a. 2015 Update to the 2013-15 C&LM Plan - highlights
      b. FY 2015-2016 Connecticut Green Bank Comprehensive Plan - highlights
      c. Residential Financing Alignment document

        • Residential Financing Alignment Document 

6. Areas of Joint Priorities for Financing (45 min)

      a. Residential (HES Loan/CHIF Re-Capitalization, Smart-E Bundle, OBR, Residential PACE)
      b. C&I (C-PACE, SBEA, LBE)
      c. Multi-Family - Green Bank Low Income Housing Market Analysis and Financing Strategy

        • Low Income Solar and Housing – Market Analysis (Memo of December 12, 2014)
        • Role of a Green Bank – Low Income Solar and Housing (Memo of December 12, 2014)

7. Measuring Success - update/continuation of July 2014 agenda item (20 min) 

      a. Highlights from Residential Financing "performance" discussion
      b. Residential Financing Market study, and next steps
      c. Approaches in other states (LBNL research) - Chris Kramer

8. New Developments in Efficiency and Financing (10 min)

      a. Secondary Markets (SEEAction paper) – Chris Kramer
      b. Innovations in Clean Energy Finance – Bert Hunter

9. Adjourn

Join the meeting online at:
Dial-in: (571) 317-3122  /  Access Code: 637-583-663

Next Quarterly Meeting: Wednesday, April 22, 2015
In the Commissioners Conference Room
DEEP, 10 Franklin Square, New Britain, CT