Rooftop Solar PV “Green Bank” Financing Model



The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, working with The Brattle Group and the Coalition for Green Capital, developed the Rooftop Solar PV “Green Bank” Financing Model to highlight the potential impact of capital inputs and public incentives on the cost of “behind‐the‐meter solar” photovoltaic installations at a conceptual level. 

The model derives key metrics for behind-the-meter solar from user specified inputs like installed costs, regional capacity factors, state polices and incentives, and capital structure to determine the retail cost of electricity from solar PV, equity returns for investors, and installed capacity per dollar of Green Bank debt.  Adding Green Bank Loans to the capital structure can reduce the effective capital cost incurred by the project owners and customers, and lessens the need for other public support. 

Users can access the manual and the model below:

The model is a “work in progress” and we would appreciate your feedback.

If you would like to provide comments on the model, please send them to John Murphy via email