Types of Clean Energy

Researchers and entrepreneurs are busy developing several different types of clean energy sources, always with the goal of producing renewable, sustainable energy. Under state law, clean energy sources do not involve the combustion of coal, petroleum, or petroleum products; the conversion of municipal solid waste; or nuclear fission. To learn more about the most popular forms of clean energy, click on the following categories:

                    •    Fuel cell
                    •    Solar
                    •    Biomass
                    •    Wind
                    •    Landfill gas
                    •    Low-impact hydro
                    •    Wave

Electric Power Options
You may choose to receive some or all of your electricity from clean energy sources if you are a customer of The Connecticut Light & Power Company or The United Illuminating Company. With the CTCleanEnergyOptions program you may sign up to receive power generated from clean sources such as wind and small, low-impact hydro power.