Hydro Power Projects in Connecticut

Kirby Mill - Mansfield, Connecticut


In May of 2007, The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund approved a loan of $557,134 to help fund the demonstration of a new unique 500-kilowatt hydro electric turbine system, consisting of five micro hydro turbine units, at Kirby Mill in Mansfield, Connecticut. The developer of the technology is Windham Automated Machines, Inc. (WAM), an equipment engineering and manufacturing company located in the historic Kirby Mill within Mansfield Hollow State Park. CCEF’s funding will be provided through its Operational Demonstration Program.


The WAM turbine is a state-of-the-art hydro electric system that will offer energy developers a number of attractive features. It is highly efficient; can operate under more diverse river flow conditions than other turbines; can be inexpensively produced, installed, operated and maintained in “run-of-the-river, low head” conditions; and is modular and scalable in design. Additionally, its design is environmentally friendly, utilizing a “fish friendly” propeller and dispensing with hydraulic systems and oil filled gear boxes, which can pose pollution problems in other hydro electric turbine systems. In short, the WAM turbine will enable energy developers to efficiently and cost-effectively harness a river’s renewable energy while remaining environmentally friendly.