Residential Solar Investment Program Stakeholder Update

New Homeowner Performance-Based Incentive (HOPBI)


To recap today’s Webinar, the new Homeowner Performance-Based Incentive (HOPBI) for customers who purchase
a solar photovoltaic system has been implemented and is READY TO GO!

  • A recording of today’s webinar can be found at here
  • The presentation is available at here

Contractors may access the CEFIA Contractor Portal TODAY, FRIDAY, JULY 11 to download documents and get started in 3 EASY STEPS:

1.    Review and Sign the updated RSIP RFQ (Form A of the Application Form) provided at Once the RFQ is signed and submitted to CEFIA, Contractors may begin submitting HOPBI applications to PowerClerk. Existing EPBB applications (approved on June 6 or later, and those not yet approved) will be converted to HOPBI.

2.    Sign the Optional Working Capital Loan Agreement when it becomes available the week of July 21.

3.    Attend a follow-up Webinar the week of July 21 for important information for Contractors on how to get set up to use the Working Capital Loan, including details on HOPBI Payment and Working Capital Loan Repayment. STAY TUNED FOR A REGISTRATION ANNOUNCEMENT.

The following documents will be available Today/Friday, July 11, on the CEFIA Contractor Portal,

·         Updated RSIP Contractor RFQ

·         Contractor Application Form A – Sign and submit to CEFIA

·         HOPBI Program Summary for Contractors – Includes most info from today’s Webinar.

·         HOPBI Project Completion and Payment Request Form



July 30, 2014 - HOPBI Working Capital Loan Webinar Materials

The Homeowner Performance-Based Incentive (HOPBI) Working Capital Loan is a short-term project loan designed to bridge working capital needs for purchased PV systems until each HOPBI system’s performance target is met (~30 days).


June 26, 2014 Webinar Materials

Prior to CEFIA's Board of Directors approving the new performance-based incentive, a webinar was held on Thursday, June 26th to provide additional context to CEFIA stakeholders and allow an open forum for questions. Materials for this webinar are available for review and can be accessed here: