Joint Committee of the CT Energy Efficiency Board and the
Connecticut Green Bank Board of Directors

Connecticut Green Bank, 845 Brook Street, Rocky Hill

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
1:30-3:30 p.m.

Letter to the Board of Directors




1. Call to Order

2. Public Comments

3. Review and approval of Meeting Minutes for October 28, 2015 meeting (5 min)

      • Draft Meeting Minutes for October 28, 2015

4. Brief Report-Outs from Each Sector Working Group (15 min)

    a. Government

      • Government Progress Report

    b. Small Business/Med-Large Progress Report

      • Small Business/ Med-Large Business Progress Report

5. In-Depth Report Out from the Residential Single Family and Multifamily Working Groups (30 min)

      • Single Family and Multifamily Progress Report

6. Issues to Address and Resolve (30 min)

      • Meeting Preparation Process Document

7. Planning for Next Meeting (10 min)

8. Other Business (15 min)

    a. Green Bank Model–Program Logic Input Model, other financing evaluation

      • Making it Count Report by the SEEAction Network
      • Draft Program Logic Model – Report 
      • Market Transformation – CAFR FY 2015

    b. Other Business

9. Adjourn

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Or call in using your telephone:
Dial (872) 240-3212
Access Code: 411-733-165