Deployment Committee of the 
Connecticut Green Bank
845 Brook Street, Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Friday, November 14, 2014
Special Meeting
3:30-5:00 p.m.

Letter to the Deployment Committee Members




Staff Invited: Jessica Bailey, George Bellas, Andy Brydges, Craig Connolly, Mackey Dykes, Brian Farnen, Bryan Garcia, Dale Hedman, Bert Hunter, and Kerry O’Neill

1. Call to order

2. Public Comments – 5 minutes

3. Approval of meeting minutes for September 16, 2014* – 5 minutes 

     Meeting Minutes of September 16,  2014

4. Update on Funding Requests Under $300,000 and No More in Aggregate of $1,000,000 – 5 minutes

     Approval of Funding Request Below $300,000 and in Aggregate Up to $1,000,000 - Memo (November 7, 2014)
    MJ Sullivan Auto - Dealership (6651)

          Approval Memo

   MJ Sullivan Auto - Auto Body (6652)

         Approval Memo

   All Crate - 200 Lamberton Road

         Approval Memo

   Brookfield YMCA

       Approval Memo

  Jesus Saves Ministry Church

        Approval Memo

  Merritt Graphics

        Approval Memo

  Bridgeport Gardens

         Approval Memo

  Eddie's Auto Body LLC

       Approval Memo

5. Commercial and Industrial Program Updates and Recommendations* – 15 minutes

    a.  C-PACE Transaction Recommendations*

       i.   Ansonia  C-PACE Transaction

                             Approval Memo

      ii.   Bridgeport - C-PACE Transaction #1

                             Approval Memo

     iii.   Bridgeport - C- PACE Transaction # 2

                              Approval Memo

     iv.  Ellington - C- PACE Transaction 

                              Approval Memo

     v.  New London - C-PACE Transaction

                               Approval Memo

    vi.  Norwalk - C- PACE Transaction

                              Approval Memo

  vii  Shelton - C-PACE Transaction

                             Approval Memo

Above$300,000 Transactions

  viii.  New London - C- PACE Transaction #2

                             Approval Memo

b. C-PACE Transaction Time Extension Request*

6.  Institutional Program Updates and Recommendations* – 15 minutes

a. Working Capital Loan for Lead by Example

7. RSIP Sanction Appeal by BeFree Green Energy* - 45 minutes

    Letters to BeFree with Attachments (September 29, 2014 and October 7, 2014)
      Eligible Contractor Misconduct Language
      BeFree Sanction Letter (October 29, 2014)
      BeFree Response Letter (November 2, 2014)
   Notice of Hearing of Appeal (November 3, 2014)
   Memorandum Concerning Appeal Procedures (November 4, 2014)  

8.    Adjourn

*Denotes item requiring Board action

Join the meeting online at

Dial +1 (312) 878-3080 Access Code: 319-383-879

Next Regular Meeting: TBD
Colonel Albert Pope Board Room at the 
Connecticut Green Bank, 845 Brook Street, Rocky Hill, CT