Solar Workgroup

Section 4 of Public Act 08-168 AN ACT CONCERNING ENERGY SCARCITY AND SECURITY, RENEWABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY AND A STATE SOLAR STRATEGY requires the CCEF in consultation with the DPUC to convene a workgroup to develop a plan to maximize the use of solar power and create a self-sustaining solar industry.  The plan shall in part assist Connecticut in meeting the RPS and RGGI goals, recommend appropriate workforce development and job training as well as coordination with other programs and identify a MW goal and associated timeline.  Furthermore, a benefit/cost analysis will be performed and at a minimum consider (1) types and amounts of incentives, (2) methods of residential solar financing, (3) energy production, (4) avoided fossil fuel combustion, (5) congestion and peak power reductions, (6) job creation and (7) air quality and global warming emissions reductions. 



Click here to download the Draft Sustainable Solar Strategy 3-16-09